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Human Impact
Mining, Oil, Climate Change, Trash

Rob has been photographing human impact on the environment for over 40 years. This new website is not fully loaded so please return as we will be loading more images every week.

Mining on Our Public Lands series was a multiple year self assigned project. Rob wanted to highlight the tremendous impact, destruction and pollution on our public lands was being created by both US and foreign mining companies. Rob was invited to present this series at the National Press Club, by the Sierra Club, during President Clinton's attempt to reform the 1872 Mining Law.

The second series Oil Spill documents the attempts to clean up the 58,0000 gallon oil spill on November 7, 2007, resulting from Hanjin Shipping's 65,131-ton Cosco Busan container ship collision with the Oakland-Bay Bridge, San Francisco Bay, California.

The third series California Burns documents the affect of wildfires in Southern California on wildlands and urban areas. California wildfires can erupt and burn hundreds of thousands of acres per year. Often homes in both rural and urban areas are reduced to charred rubble. Rob Badger created these photos from the 240,00 acre Zaca Fire near Santa Barbara in 2007, the Oakridge Fire in Los Angeles, and the Montecito Fire in the Santa Barabara hills.

All aerial images were made in collaboration with Lighthawk.
Toxic water ponding in a site reprocessing old copper tailings near Butte Montana Rob BadgerAerial view of acid mine drainage from an abandoned gold mine polluting Stillwater Creek Gallatin National Forest Montana_Rob BadgerAcid mine drainage from abandoned gold mines pollutes Red Mountain Creek Uncompahgre National Forest SAn Juan Mountains Ouray County Colorado Rob BadgerOpen Pit Gold Mine Waste Rock Aerial, Golden Sunlight Mine Montana_010001Waste Rock Aerial, Golden Sunlight Mine Montana_010004Aerial, Golden Sunlight Mine Montana_34460007Tailings Pond, Climax Mine, White River National Forest, ColoradoRock Waste Pile Mining Climax Mine, Colorado_010010Toxic Mining Waste, Climax Mine, White River National Forest, ColoradoOpen Pit Copper Mine, Miami-Globe, Arizona_10005Burning embers remain after passage of the 240 thousand acre Zaca Wildfire in 2007 Los Padres National Forest Santa Barbara County California S2P4805 Rob BadgerSmoke Inversion Fence, Zaca Fire, California_S2P4281Smoke Plume over the Naval Petroleum Reserve, Kern County, California_2P4563Smoke flames and ashes in the 240,000 acre Zaca Wildflire Los Padres National Forest Santa Barbara County California S2P44251 Rob BadgerTree Truck, Open Pine Cones_01, Zaca Fire,Los Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaBurn above freeway, Yorba Linda, Orange County, California_MK3A2136Fractured pink wall and palms, Montecito Fire, 2008, Monticeto and Santa Barbara, California_MK3A2439AMobile homes not burned, Sylmar Fire, Oakridge, Los Angeles County, California_MK3A1978All that Remains, Mercedes Engine, Sylmar Fire, Oakridge Mobile Home Park, Los Angeles County, California_S2P7561_x1400Space 22 in the Oakridge Mobile Home Park after the 2008 Sayre Wildfire destroyed more than 500 homes in Los Angeles California   S2P7546 Rob Badger

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