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Restrooms and Beyond

Rob's personal project to document restrooms, etc began after spending many years on the road traveling to places I wanted to photograph. I realized what a fun, and sometimes quirky, series of photographs I could create of these restrooms. I found them in truck stops, restaurants, rest areas and even motels. Here is a sampling of my discoveries.
Restrooms and Beyond Series_bathrooms_men's_women's rooms_Rob Badger_treavle photographyNepenthe Restaurant's Men's Restroom, Big Sur CaliforniaMen's Restroom in Fallon Nevada Art School_Rob Badger Travel Photographymensrm_madonna_inn_ca_PICT0002_promomotel_restroom01_green_rvr_ut_S2P0459_promoorange_blue_restroom01_PICT0054_promored_ylw_grn_tiles_restroom_truck_stp_nv_promoredwhiteandblue_tile_auburn_ca_promorestroom_dostalframing01_sanrafael_ca_promowomens_restroom01_madonnainn_ca_promomore images coming slide x1550

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