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Water and the World Reflected
Still, Running and Dancing

Water is like a painter's palette. It can be found in any color or shade. It will change as the hours pass. Whether still or moving it offers us its gentle universal language of healing.
Clouds at sunset reflecting on still water in a flooded playa_Mojave Desert_California_Rob BadgerSunset light on cliffs above beach at mouth of Little Sur River_Big Sur Coast_California_Rob BadgerSunset on cliffs on the Bixby Creek Bridge and Big Sur Coast_California_Rob BadgerSunset light and Fog over Pacific Ocean_Big Sur_California_Rob BadgerBlack Mountain and Silhouette of dock against full moonlight reflected on Tomales Bay_Marin County_California_USA_S2P0481_Rob BadgerSan Francisco City skyline Alcatraz and The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge at twilight in San Francisco Bay Area_California_Rob BadgerSunset and Heart Lake_John Muir Wilderness_Inyo National Forest_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_USA_Rob BadgerFull moon rising over Black Mountain and Tomales Bay_Marin County_California _S2P0432_Rob BadgerRefuge_Rob_Badger_Nita_Winter_03egret woodbridge ca_X1_0371_083115_pano_x1550birds and wetlands plants near hyw 37_ca_DSC1488_master_09_21_15_x1550Water ripples from terns fishing Shorebirds_water fowl_sunrise_Corte Madera Reserve Sanctuary for Migrating Birds_Corte Madera_Marin County_California_USA__MG_5256_Nita WinterBlue and green reflections and water ripples_Redwood Creek Muir Woods National Monument_Marin County_San francisco Bay Area_California USA_K3C8634_Rob Badgeraerial_toms_pt_01_ptryesns_ca_sP1679_x1550salmon_ripples_in_alder_reflections_muir_woods National_monument_marin_county_ca_01_X1_0626_x1550farallonislands_instormclouds_from_mttamsp_marincty_ca_x1550_BWsilver_ocean swells_from_mttam_01_K3C9555_x1550_BWmore images coming slide x1550

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