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Want to do something you know will help save wildflowers and reduce the impact of climate change?

Just about everyone knows the climate is changing. Everywhere. Many people feel they can’t really make a difference. They’re wrong, though.


We all hear about coastal flooding, more severe wildfires and extreme weather. There are longer droughts, more record breaking floods, and an increase in tornadoes.

What we rarely hear about in the news is climate change’s impact on the natural world and Nature’s communities. We know plants and wildflowers support most life on land. Climate change and loss of habitat are significantly affecting wildflower blooms and the bounty they offer wildlife.

You may say, “What’s the use? The problem is too big, and I’m just one person trying to solve it. What can I do that really, really matters?”

There are many, simple and easy things you can do to reduce carbon pollution in the air. And, you can support education, and the work many environmental, and other organizations are doing to inspire hope and effective action.

What we are doing:

Our upcoming wildflower book “Impressions of Spring: A Voice for Wildflowers of the West On Our Public Lands” will include important essays about the beauty we have inherited and protected, how climate change is creating species extinction, and many things anyone can do to have a positive effect, in a meaningful way.


So why support us, why is this not just another beautiful coffee table book?

We offer hope, not doom and gloom, when considering climate change.

Our book’s short and informative essays offer insight into the wildflowers’ world. You’ll find resources for those who want to take meaningful and effective action to preserve the wildflowers and reduce the impact of climate change.

A really significant percentage of book sales will be donated to education and the organizations mentioned above.

A working cover of the upcoming book"Impressions of Spring: Wildflowers of the West on Our Public Lands,"A working cover of the upcoming book"Impressions of Spring: Wildflowers of the West on Our Public Lands,"A working cover of the upcoming book"Impressions of Spring: Wildflowers of the West on Our Public Lands," by photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter. Cover image is a California Poppy photographed on Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve, Marin Open Space District, Corte Madera California

33% of the price of every book sold through our innovative, non-profit affiliate program will go back to that non-profit or educational organization.

And we will be partnering with groups and organizations to further inspire positive action. All this is part of our documentary art project “Beauty and the Beast: Wildflowers and Climate Change” that is devoted to:

1. Reducing the impact of climate change

2. Promoting species and land conservation

3. Creating a sustainable population

4. Showing the world the beauty that exists on our public lands

5. Supporting groups and individuals dedicated to the above

Why us?

We know powerful images can create awareness, support land conservation and inspire positive change. We believe our work has successfully done that. For over 35 years we have been working on conservation and environmental issues. You can see our resumes and the many awards we have received here.

We have photographed over 30 projects for the Trust for Public Land, and worked on other educational and policy issues including logging practices and mining law reform. Our life and work is deeply focused on Nature and our relationship to it.


Click above to view a working prototype (without essays and calls to action) of our upcoming book.

To view it full screen click on the square on the right below the images.

How can you help us reach our goals?

You can:

1. Reserve a book. You'll be the first to know it is finished.

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2. Make a donation ($10 and up is really helpful).

3. Become a sponsor from $300 to $100,000 (ask us how). Become a Sponsor
4. Tell others about the book and project though personal contact and social media.  

We can’t make this real without your help.


Sponsorship opportunities are available to support the publication of Impressions of Spring: A Voice for Wildflowers of the West on Our Public Lands. Your sponsorship will enable us to publish the project’s first book, develop our education outreach efforts, and build a program of affiliated organizations that can amplify our efforts.

Become a Voice for Wildflowers


It’s a coffee table book so beautiful that you may need to buy a better looking coffee table.


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