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Beyond the Traditional Close-up
Our Natural Light Studio

We have explored a variety of unique artist approaches to capture the essence and beauty of the wildflowers. Black and White backgrounds are placed behind the flowers. Some are Wrapped in chiffon. Others come in Contact with the lens. We always leave them attached to the plant and safe and sound in the ground.

View over a hundred exquisite wildflower landscapes and close-ups in the virtual prototype of our upcoming book: Impressions of Spring: A Voice for Wildflowers of the West on Our Public Lands.

We have thousands of wildflower images in our diverse library of photographs. Please contact us to discuss your and your client's needs and let us help you find the best imagery for your space or project.
Hummingbird and Scarlet Fritillary Lily_Fritillaria recurva_natural background_Upper Table Rocks_Nature Conservancy Land_Oregon_K3D0205_Rob BadgerHummingbird and Scarlet Fritillary_Lily_Fritillaria recurva_black background_Upper Table Rocks_Nature Conservancy Land_Oregon_K3D0205_Rob Badgerwestern_azalea_01_mtTamalpais_state_park_marin_county_ca_K3C0587_x1950western_wake-robin_Trillium_ovatum_black_background_01_k3d0369_x1550Starry Solomon Seal or False Solomon Seal_Maianthemum stellatum_wildflower blossoms and leaves_Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area_Oregon_K3D0265_Rob Badgeroakland_star_lily_mttamsp_MG_7385_x1950shasta _iris_Iris tenuissima_plumasnf_ca_MG_7951single_sneezeweed_ybb_co_MG_1068Single_california_Poppy_ringmt_marin_ca_x1033Calypso Orchid 01, Mt Tamalpais State Park, Marin County, CaliforniaMountain Ladys-slipper_Plumas National Forest, Plumas County, Quincy, California United StatesMultiple_Mountain Ladys Slipper Cypripedium montanum Wildflower Blossoms and Plants_Plumas National Forest_California__K3C1336Desert Lily in morning light during a 100 Year Bloom_Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California_Rob Badgerchicory Blossom_Anza Borrego Desert State Park CAphacelia_ylw_0860Hummingbird_MG_0992_crpd_x1033APaintbrush and Grass01_Yankee Boy Basin_Uncompahgre National Forest_San Juan Mountains_Coloradobiclrd_pntbrsh_ybbsn_uncmpnf_co_MG_1266_x1033Rare Fragrant Fritillary lily blossoms_Fritillaria liliacea_white background_Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve land_Marin County_California__K3C9777_Rob Badgerhendersons_shooting_star_dodecatheon_hendesonii_01_ggnra_marin_county_ca_k3c9094_x1950

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