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California wildfires can erupt and burn hundreds of thousands of acres per year. Often homes in both rural and urban areas are reduced to charred rubble. Rob Badger created these photos from the 240,00 acre Zaca Fire near Santa Barbara in 2007, the Oakridge Fire in Los Angeles, and the Montecito Fire in the Santa Barabara hills.
night_fire_three_ridges01_zac_fire_lspdnf_ca__S2P4805_x1400smoke_inversion_fence_01_zacafire_ca_S2P4281_x1400branchtraces_zacafire_ca_S2P4251_x1400tree_pine_cones_01_zaca_fire_lspdnf_ca_x1400burn_above freeway_yorba_linda_ca_MK3A2136_x1400fractured_pinkwall_palms_montecito fire_ca_MK3A2439A_x1400homes_not_burned_01_oakridge_fire_ca_MK3A1978_x1400mercedes_engine_oakridge_losacnty_ca_S2P7561_x1400space22_oakridge_fire_ca_S2P7546_x1400

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