WinterBadger Collection- nature wildflower photography, healtcare art, healing, bringing nature indoors, California poppyMaquette of California Poppy Eco-resin Lobby Divider in major northern California hospital. Healthcare art 8' high x 20' wide.Major art commission for northern California hospital to open in December 2014. Thirty four images from the WinterBadger Collection were chosen to be built into the architecture of the new building. Maximum size: 8' x 20' wide. Minimum size: 8 square feet.


“I recently visited the construction site where 34 of Rob Badger and Nita Winter's images have been built into the architecture of the new Kaiser Redwood City Medical Center. I was amazed at the quality of the images, especially the seven, 8 feet high by 20 feet wide, lobby room dividers.  It is clear that collaborating with Rob and Nita was the right decision. They understood the needs of my client, and their manufacturers, and spent the extra time needed to prepare their digital files for mural size reproductions. The images are magnificent and flawless. I can’t thank them enough for their patience and dedication to our project.”  (View more samples)

Suzanne Frazer, Founder and CEO of A.R.T. Consulting Services

Poppies, California poppy, fine art, Kaiser Redwood City hospital, California, Healthcare art, healing art, Rob Badger photography, mural, wildflowers, nature photographyPoppies: 4th floor Kaiser Redwood City Medical Center/Hospital ca Healthcare slideshowCalifornia Poppies, Contact Series, Ring Mountain Nature Preserve, Marin Parks, Marin County, California, United States 8 foot high x 20 foot wide translucent room divider Eco Resin in new Kaiser Redwood City Medical Center/Hospital 8'x 20', 8 foo hight x 20 foot wide, room divider, architecture


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Nita Winter and Rob Badger for over 15 years, in various capacities.

First and foremost is Nita and Rob's photographic art. They have been a couple and creative team for over 27 years, and thus have honed a form of artistic expression that takes on the qualities of an oft-rehearsed dance. They are skilled, creative, and passionate, and work in lock-step with each other.

Nita  and Rob's work tells stories. With a strong focus on the environment and/or social issues, they pursue their work with professionalism, innovation and enthusiasm. With excellent budget and project management skills, astute use of resources, strong communication skills and explicit attention to detail, they are able to complete their assignments with the highest quality, and on schedule."

Tom Peters, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Marin Community Foundation


Moonlight on San Francisco and Richardson Bay video conference room, Irvine Foundation, corporate art, rob badger photography, cityscape, fine artMoonlight on San Francisco and Richardson Bay video conference room, Irvine FoundationIrvine Foundation was looking for artwork in their new video conference room in their San Francisco headquarters. This is one of two mock ups created to show them how each piece they were considering would look in their space. In the end, they chose the this image over the field of wildflowers. Irvine Foundation now have 11 large prints by Rob Badger illustrating the diverse areas of California they support with funding.

"Jim LOVED the print, as does the rest of our staff!!"

Jeffrey P. Malloy, Director of Finance and Administration, The James Irvine Foundation, San Francisco Headquarters on behalf of Jim Canales, President and Chief Executive Officer of the James Irvine Foundation

(Eleven California landscapes, up to 81" wide, by Rob Badger illustrate the foundation's geographic areas of interest)