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San Francisco Bay Area
Water, Coastlines, Hills, Cityscapes

Rob and Nita have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years. Our images capture the magnificent and varied views and landscapes we see while hiking and exploring the tremendous public lands found in Marin and other local counties.
ggbridge_fog_mrin_overlook_01_mrncnty_ca_MK3A1371 as Smart Object-1_master_dark_4x6ggbridge_cavallopt_dusk_ggnra_ca_MK3A3533_x1550The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge_Alcatraz and the San Francisco cityscape with full moonlight reflected on Richardson and San Francisco Bays_California_Rob BadgerSan Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and Alcatraz and San Francisco and Bay with dissapearing fog_from Mount Tamalpais State Park_Marin County_California_MK3A2820_Rob Badgersunset_frm_mttam01_sfbay_caS2P1259_crop_x1550San Francisco City skyline Alcatraz and The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge at twilight in San Francisco Bay Area_California_Rob Badgerdusk_sfbay_fr_mttamsp01_sfbay_ca_S2P0981_x1550Full moon rising over Black Mountain and Tomales Bay_Marin County_California _S2P0432_Rob BadgerBlack Mountain and Silhouette of dock against full moonlight reflected on Tomales Bay_Marin County_California_USA_S2P0481_Rob Badgercoastal cliffs_point reyes national seashore_ca_X1_0764_x1550hills_above_fairfax_01_marin_county_ca__X1_4378Tidy Tips with SF in background Ring Mt MCSOD CA_DSC1262_x1550ring mt wildflowers MK3A4164redwood_canopy_muir woods_ca_K3C8557_x1550more images coming slide x1550

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