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White egret at dusk in wetlands, Woodbridge Nature Preserve, California_X1_0371_panofour cranes flying by merced NWR_MG_5503_watercolor_23p3 x 70"egret and cattails merced_MG_5693_pano_x1550egret landing corte madera wetlands_DSC0899_19 x 71"Mass Ascension of Ross Geese Merced WR CA_DSC1715_x1550Mass Ascension of Ross Geese Merced Wildlife Refuge CA_DSC1715Three Sandhill Cranes feeding Bosque Del Apache NWR NMThree American Avocets (Recurvirostra americana) feeding near hyw 37_ca_DSC1488american avocets_Cullan ranch_Hwy 37_MG_5402three american avocets Cullin Ranch hwy 37 sonoma cty ca_MG_5393Ross Geese take off at dusk with tree Merced National Wildlife Refuge_DSC1960pelicans flying toward headlands at sunset GGNRA_DSC1887_master_08_30_16_clonedpelicans flying toward headlands at sunset GGNRA_DSC1887_30 x 72" ratioRoss geese taking flight over marsh, Merced National Wildlife Refuge_DSC1800_panoRoss Geese and Lesser Sandhill Cranes in corn fields grown to feed the birds at the Merced National Wildlife Refuge, Merced County, California_DSC1768ross geese taking off at sunset merced wildlife refuge ca_DSC1892_clarity at 0_041615_1920x1080Tree in fog with yellow reeds and coots_DSC1830Two egrets landing Merced NMR_MG_5722_x1550Two egrets landing Merced NMR_MG_5722_left birdBlack-necked Stilts and Wilsons Snipes, Merced National Wildlife Refuge, Merced County, California_MG_5685

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