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For over 35 years our fine art photography has been chosen/commissioned for national and regional healthcare environments, public art projects, civic centers, corporate and foundation art collections, and homes. Please visit our Testimonial page. Learn what art consultants, CEOs of major foundations and others say about us, our work, and our commitment to create, and deliver, the best art. Unique art that is specific to a client’s needs.

Rob Badger describes his unique wildflower Contact Series technique: “CONTACT” SERIES, a handheld, spontaneous process with unpredictable results. Without harming the blossom, I take great care to very gently bring the front of the lens in contact with the flower. This results in a soft and translucent, abstract representation of the blossoms, with only selected areas in focus. I can usually create an image worth keeping in less than ten minutes."
Sutter Hospital Image_Lupine Leaves_IMG_3981_lighterSutter Hospital Image_Fish_Pedi_IMG_3969Sutter Hospital Image_KOI_IMG_3979Sutter Hospital Image_Lily_IMG_3974Sutter Hospital Image_Phlox_IMG_3972autumn leaves_VNG Sutter SF MG_6213_winterbadgerSutter Hospital Image_Grasses_IMG_3967Sutter Hospital Image_Golden Gate Bridge_IMG_3975Sutter Hospital Image_Blue Hills_IMG_3976Hospital Elevator/Lobby Divider Wall - 8' x 20': PhloxPhlox contact 8 x 20' Lobby Divider, Kaiser Redwood City, CA Medical CenterBack lit Phlox contact 8 x 20' Lobby Divider, Kaiser Redwood City, CA Medical CenterHospital Lobby Room Divider 4th floor California PoppiesCalifornia Poppies, Contact Serie: 8' x 20' lobby divider: Kaiser Redwood City Meidcal Centerl ca Healthcare slideshowLupine leaves used in lobby divider: Kaiser Redwood City healthcare slideshowLupine leaves: 8' x 20' Lobby divider at Kaiser Redwood City hospital ca Healthcare slideshowRedwood needles used for lobby divider: Kaiser Redwood City Medical Center healthcare slideshowredwood needles sky 01 Kasier redwood city ca Healthcare slideshow copyCalifornia Poppy, Lobby divider marquette, Kaiser Redwood City Medical CenterCheckerbloom, Contact Series, lobby divider, Kaiser Redwood City Medical Center

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