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Capturing the joy and playfulness of children feeds Nita's heart. She takes great pride in her ability to connect with people and celebrate the diversity found in our communities.
Laotian Boy in San Francisco NW021_handcoloredLaotian Boy, San Francisco NW021 grayscale #2Pow_Wow_NW020Filipina Latina 4 Year old Girl Laughing Nita Winter People PhotographyAdolescent Asian American/Caucasian boy playing with giant bubbles San FranciscoYoung 2 year old African American boy playing with bubbles on park benchAdolescent Asian American boy playing in Golden Gate Park blows bubbles San Francisco, California_nita winterWaterballoonYoung Asian American girl finger painting at the Discovery Museum, Saualito, California. San Francisco Bay Area. Photographed by Nita Winter.yawn_860745n18_grayscale_bwMilk_MustacheRay RayPeabody Elementary School_handcoloredSchool boys/friends playing ball in an elementary school yard in Oakland, California. San Francisco Bay Area. Photographed by Nita Winter, healthcare artboys_on_stepschildren in grass field elementary school diversity casual_masterchildren in grass_field_casual_clr to hcchildren in grass field elementary school diversity_color_masterchildren in grass field elementary school diversity casual_HC_MG_3458Caucasian Brothers

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