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earthtones color palletteClouds at sunset reflecting on still water in a flooded playa_Mojave Desert_California_Rob BadgerRound Valley_Wheeler Ridge_Landscape_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_Rob BadgerSunset light on cliffs above beach at mouth of Little Sur River_Big Sur Coast_California_Rob BadgerSunset on cliffs on the Bixby Creek Bridg_Big Sur Coast_California_Rob Badger PhotographyAspen Trees in Fall Foliage_Sonora Pass_Stanislaus National Forest_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_MK3A1696_Rob BadgerSunrise on Aspen Trees in Fall Foliage_ Hope Valley_Toiyabe National Forest_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_MK3A1651_Rob BadgerMount Diablo_and the suns rays at sunrise thru morning mist_Contra Costa County_California_Rob Badger PhotographyHummingbird and Scarlet Fritillary Lily_Fritillaria recurva_natural background_Upper Table Rocks_Nature Conservancy Land_Oregon_K3D0205_Rob Badgerseeds_tllurd_uncmpnf_co_8x10_MG_1186Mountain Ladys-slipper_Plumas National Forest, Plumas County, Quincy, California United StatesMission Bells Lily_Fritillaria affinis_wildflower blossoms_Golden Gate National Recreation Area_California_MK3A3698_Rob BadgerGreat Red Paintbrush_Castilleja miniata_wildflower blossoms_Inyo National Forest_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_MK3A6241_ Rob BadgerTree in fog with yellow reeds and coots_DSC1830swan pair las galinas wetlands marin county ca_X1_9407swan_pair_MG_5365_master_051815swans_wetlands_MG_5357_master_051815egret and cattails merced_MG_5693_pano_x1550egret landing corte madera wetlands_DSC0899_19 x 71"Mass Ascension of Ross Geese Merced WR CA_DSC1715_x1550

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