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The following images are samples of 4 different community art projects created by Nita Winter in the mid to late 1990's. Each "Faces of..." series celebrated the diversity of a particular town, city or district. Hundreds of residents and people who work in each community were photographed. Fifty or more portraits were selected and printed on 7' photo banners and displayed outdoors for several years. Nita's first project “The Faces of Marin City” was created to celebrate the diversity in the town that she and Rob had moved to. “The Faces of Novato” was commissioned in response to a disturbing spike in violent hate crimes. Her third project “The Faces of Vallejo” was commissioned to recognize this city's status as the most diverse city in the United States. Nita's final project “The Faces of the Canal” was commissioned by the Marin Community Foundation to help change the negative public view of this mostly Hispanic community in Marin County. Each project received very positive responses from both the public and the media.
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