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Beauty and the Beast: California Wildflower and Climate Change, WinterBadger Press's new award winning book co-published with the California Native Plant SocietyHummingbird and Scarlet Fritillary Lily_Fritillaria recurva_natural background_Upper Table Rocks_Nature Conservancy Land_Oregon_K3D0205_Rob Badgeroakland_star_lily_mttamsp_MG_7385_x1920Poppies_4th floor Kaiser Redwood City hospital ca Healthcare slideshowmoth and maples_ED corridor_ Kaiser RWC_X1_1145_x1550McInnis Marshlands_DSC1575_100415_1920x1080ross geese taking off at sunset merced wildlife refuge ca_DSC1892_clarity at 0_041615_1920x1080Healthcare slideshow installation_conference rooms_PA_egretross geese over or  chard_woodbridge ca_X1_0335_plus15 clarity_96 x 48" more birds for crop copymarmot_eating_lupine_01_Mt Rrainier national Park_WA_IMG_1942_x1920Corporate Art installation_Tomalses Bay_rvine Fd_San Franciscocoastal cliffs_point reyes national seashore_ca_X1_0764_24 x 67"San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and Alcatraz and San Francisco and Bay with disappearing fog_from Mount Tamalpais State Park_Marin County_California_MK3A2820_Rob Badger14 foot mt tam ridge rob badger healthcare

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