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green_color pallettewestern_wake-robin_Trillium_ovatum_black_background_01_k3d0369_x1550Starry Solomon Seal or False Solomon Seal_Maianthemum stellatum_wildflower blossoms and leaves_Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area_Oregon_K3D0265_Rob BadgerMountain Ladys-slipper_Plumas National Forest, Plumas County, Quincy, California United StatesMultiple_Mountain Ladys Slipper Cypripedium montanum Wildflower Blossoms and Plants_Plumas National Forest_California__K3C1336Hummingbird_MG_0992_crpd_x1033ASplit waterfall cascades over a rocks_Cataract Falls_Mount Tamalpais_Marin County_California_Rob BadgerWater cascading over rocks and section of  moss covered waterfall_McArthur Burney Falls State Park_California_Rob Badger“50 year bloom” field of wildflowers_lupine_fiddleneck_coreopsis_California poppies_gorman_peace valley_Tehachapi Mountains_california_Rob_BadgerClouds at sunset over green grasslands and oak woodlands in the Loma Alta Marin County Open Space District Land, in springtime_Marin County_California_ USA__X1_4378_Rob BadgerSycamore Trees and new grass at sunset and distant Santa Lucia Range San Luis Obispo County California USA Rob Badgerredwood_canopy_muir woods_ca_K3C8557_x1550Field of wildflowers_White Lupine_Fiddleneck_Owls Clover_rolling hills_Temblor Range_Kern County_California_MK3B1007Blue and green reflections and water ripples_Redwood Creek Muir Woods National Monument_Marin County_San francisco Bay Area_California USA_K3C8634_Rob Badgeraerial_toms_pt_01_ptryesns_ca_sP1679_x1550Serviceberry Bush wildflower blossoms_Scrub Oak woodlands_Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area_Oregon_USA__k3d0086_Rob BadgerReflections of a Cottonwood tree_Populus fremontii_in fall foliage on the Kern River_Kern River Gorge_Sequoia National Forest_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_Rob Badgerponderosa_pine_trunks and branches_and_aspen trees_in fall folliage_lee vinning canyon_ca__X1_9047_x1550Douglas Iris_Iris douglasiana_Ring Mountain_Marin_California_S2PXX01_ Rob BadgerDouglas Iris (Iris douglasiana) wildflower petal and leaf, original "Contact Series," Marin County, California_MK3A4038_Rob Badger

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