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pink_flower_color palletteDramatic clouds at sunset over Mono Lake_Inyo National Forest_California_MK3A6353_Rob BadgerSunset and Heart Lake_John Muir Wilderness_Inyo National Forest_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_USA_Rob BadgerLesser Sandhill Cranes at sunset in the wetlands of the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve, Sacramento Valley, CaliforniaRoss geese taking flight over marsh, Merced National Wildlife Refuge_DSC1800_panoWhite egret at dusk in wetlands, Woodbridge Nature Preserve, California_X1_0371_panobiclrd_pntbrsh_ybbsn_uncmpnf_co_MG_1266_x1033hendersons_shooting_star_dodecatheon_hendesonii_01_ggnra_marin_county_ca_k3c9094_x1950100 Year Bloom with Canterbury Bells and Desert Monkeyflower wildflowers in desert wash_Joshua Tree National Park_California_USA_Rob badgerField of wildflowers_White Lupine_Fiddleneck_Owls Clover_rolling hills_Temblor Range_Kern County_California_MK3B1007Young and Old Hands on Pinksanta_clara_pueblo_baby_NW011Bi-racial baby_pink

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