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Sky, Clouds, Weather
Tranquil to Dramatic

The sky is all around us. When we look up at the clouds. When we look down at its reflection in water. Across large open expanses. It leaves us with a sense of wonder as it changes color and shape.
Clouds at sunset reflecting on still water in a flooded playa_Mojave Desert_California_Rob BadgerSunset light and Fog over Pacific Ocean_Big Sur_California_Rob BadgerMount Diablo_and the suns rays at sunrise thru morning mist_Contra Costa County_California_K3C9066_Rob BadgerSunset and Heart Lake_John Muir Wilderness_Inyo National Forest_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_USA_Rob BadgerDramatic clouds at sunset over Mono Lake_Inyo National Forest_California_MK3A6353_Rob BadgerMagenta clouds  over Mt Shasta at sunset CA_K3D0473_- CLARITY_x1550Full moon rising over Black Mountain and Tomales Bay_Marin County_California _S2P0432_Rob BadgerCOPY ross geese taking flight cattails in foreground MercedNWR_DSC1800_19 x 62"farallonislands_instormclouds_from_mttamsp_marincty_ca_x1550_BWLenticular cloud over Mt shasta, California_k3d0457x1550_BWThunderhead over mt jefferson Oregon_k3d1214_x1550_BWbreak_in clouds _over_farmland_Sp29881_x1550_BWcloud_over_river_ice_breakup_from_jet_S2P9878_x1550_BWClouds from Mt Tamalpais_DSC17_x1550-5Clouds from Mt Tamalpais_DSC17_x1550-4Clouds from Mt Tamalpais_DSC17_x1550-2Clouds from Mt Tamalpais_DSC17_x1550-3Clouds from Mt Tamalpais_DSC17_x1550-6Clouds from Mt Tamalpais_DSC17_x1550-8Clouds from Mt Tamalpais_DSC17_x1550

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