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On the Table

Rob began this series in San Francisco at the Cliff House while waiting for breakfast. He wanted to create a series with a new perspective. There is one rule: the camera must be in contact with the table or on an item normally found on that table.
Breakfast at the Cliff House, San Francisco, CaliforniaBrunch at the Sheraton Palace Hotel, #01, San Francisco, CaliforniaOatman Hotel, #01, Oatman, ArizonaGlass Table with Pink Chairs, #01, Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaBreakfast at the Kirkwood Lodge, #01, Kirkwood, CaliforniaBreakfast on the Roof Top Garden, #01, Marin County Civic Center, CaliforniaRadio Flyer, #01, Healdsburg, Californiamore images coming slide x1550

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