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Magnificent Trees
Beauty, Strength and Tranquility

Trees offer us shade, a sense of peace and dramatic changes with the seasons. Rob finds photographing forests particularly challenging as he works to make order out of chaos.
Ross Geese take off at dusk with tree Merced National Wildlife Refuge_DSC1960California Buckeye tree_and_Lupine wildflowers_after sunset_Monterey County_California_Rob BadgerSycamore Trees and new grass at sunset and distant Santa Lucia Range San Luis Obispo County California USA Rob BadgerRed orange and yellow leaves on a Sugar maple tree_Acer saccharum_in fall foliage with dark wet trunk_Green Mountain National Forest_Vermont_USA_Rob Badgerred_yellow_maple_leaves_dark_trunks_01_green mt national forest_vermont_vt_x1033Reflections of a Cottonwood tree_Populus fremontii_in fall foliage on the Kern River_Kern River Gorge_Sequoia National Forest_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_Rob Badgerfall foliage grass and reflections Silver Lake CA_DSC8921_x1550redwood_canopy_muir woods_ca_K3C8557_x1550Redwood Trees Redwood Reg Pk CA_DSC1005_Alameda County Arts Commission for Highland Hospital Rob BadgerSpring foliage on Blue Oaks_La Del Valle Park_Alameda County Arts Commission for Highland Hospital Rob BadgerChanging Green Grass and Oaks Pleasanton Ridge Reg Pk CA_DSC5276__Alameda County Arts Commission for Highland Hospital Rob BadgerSpring Foliage on Oaks Sunol Regional Park_CA_X1_3719_Alameda County Arts Commission for Highland Hospital Rob BadgerBare tree and creek_Alameda County Arts Commission for Highland Hospital Rob BadgerNew Snow and Aspens in trees in fall foliage reflecting in quiet Convict Lake_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_MK3A1747_Rob badgerSunset and Heart Lake_John Muir Wilderness_Inyo National Forest_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_USA_Rob BadgerSunrise on Aspen Trees in Fall Foliage, Hope Valley,Toiyabe National Forest, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California_MK3A1651_Rob Badgeryellow aspens_Bishop Creek_South Lake_Inyo National Forest_ CA_X1_8514_x1550Serviceberry Bush wildflower blossoms_Scrub Oak woodlands_Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area_Oregon_USA__k3d0086_Rob BadgerAspen Trees in Fall Foliage_Sonora Pass_Stanislaus National Forest_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_MK3A1696_Rob Badgerred aspens_Sabrina Lake Dam_Bishop Creek_Inyo National Forest_ca_X1_8354_x1550

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