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yellow_gold_color pallettesingle_sneezeweed_ybb_co_MG_1068Ross geese taking flight over marsh, Merced National Wildlife Refuge_DSC1800_panoTree in fog with yellow reeds and coots_DSC1830ponderosa_pine_trunks and branches_and_aspen trees_in fall folliage_lee vinning canyon_ca__X1_9047_x1550phacelia_ylw_0860Wildflowers Rolling Hills Detail with Yellow Stripe #1Peace Valley Area CA 042003_x1033New Snow and Aspens in trees in fall foliage reflecting in quiet Convict Lake_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_MK3A1747_Rob badgerSunrise on Aspen Trees in Fall Foliage_ Hope Valley_Toiyabe National Forest_Sierra Nevada Mountains_California_MK3A1651_Rob BadgerServiceberry Bush wildflower blossoms_Scrub Oak woodlands_Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area_Oregon_USA__k3d0086_Rob Badgerred aspens_Sabrina Lake Dam_Bishop Creek_Inyo National Forest_ca_X1_8354_x1550Red orange and yellow leaves on a Sugar maple tree_Acer saccharum_in fall foliage with dark wet trunk_Green Mountain National Forest_Vermont_USA_Rob BadgerDramatic clouds at sunset over Mono Lake_Inyo National Forest_California_MK3A6353_Rob Badgersingle poppy_backlit_near Big Rock_Marin County_ CA_MG_7460_x1033California Poppy, near Big Rock, Marin County, California_MG_7453_vertical_x1033wildflower_abstract_california_poppy_04_MG_9322Blue and green reflections and water ripples_Redwood Creek Muir Woods National Monument_Marin County_San francisco Bay Area_California USA_K3C8634_Rob Badgerseeds_tllurd_uncmpnf_co_8x10_MG_1186western_azalea_01_mtTamalpais_state_park_marin_county_ca_K3C0587_x1950Douglas Iris (Iris douglasiana) wildflower petal and leaf, original "Contact Series," Marin County, California_MK3A4038_Rob Badger

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