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Sunset light and Fog over Pacific Ocean_Big Sur_California_Rob BadgerReflections in flooded salt flats under blue twilight_badwater_Death Valley National Park_California_Rob BadgerBlue and green reflections and water ripples_Redwood Creek Muir Woods National Monument_Marin County_San francisco Bay Area_California USA_K3C8634_Rob BadgerWater ripples from terns fishing Shorebirds_water fowl_sunrise_Corte Madera Reserve Sanctuary for Migrating Birds_Corte Madera_Marin County_California_USA__MG_5256_Nita Winterwater_reeds_mendocino_ca_MK3A5016grass and water_corte madera ca_DSC5835_x1550water ripples corte madera_DSC2998_10_10_16door panels silver star reflections and grass Corte Madera  CA_DSC3213_green grass_x1500reflections water ripples sierra nevada mts _DSC0505_x1033reflections water ripples sierra nevada mts_DSC0504_x1033reflections water ripples sierra nevada mts _DSC0493_x1033reflections water ripples sierra nevada mts _DSC0496_x1550Fitzgerald Marine Reserve San Mateo County CA_DSC4597_12_14_16_x1500Fitzgerald Marine Reserve San Mateo County CA_DSC4597_12_14_16_x1500Pebble detail GGNR CA_DSC0014_x1550-55 clarityaspen leaf detail_DSC0447_x1550aspen leaves_X1_8508aspen leaves sierra nevada mts ca_X1_8508 -42 clarity_x1550fall_colors_McGinnis__X1_9302_x1550 Haspen leaf detail_DSC0444_x1550

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